NECCO Wafers Are Saved: Spangler Candy Company Purchased NECCO, Sweethearts, and More

If you are a 70’s baby have we got some good news for you!  Necco wafers will be saved!  Recently we were told that  the famous candy company was slated to close its doors after 117 years in the candy making business.

However, Spangler Candy Company has saved the day and will be expanding to include Sweethearts, NECCO Wafers and Canada Mints. ((YES!))

The Spangler Candy Company, was founded in 1906 is largely know for lollipops…you might have heard of Dum Dums?

The company was  founded in 1906 and is family-owned.  And now, according to CEO Kirk Vashaw, they are” excited to become a stronger company with the addition of these beloved candies with such a long history.”

But when will you see the return of Sweet Tarts and NECCO wafers?  Vashaw reported that they are hoping to reintroduce the candies sometime in 2019-2020, this gives Spangler Candy time to get their facilities up to the standards we are used to. They’ll be making renovations to their 20-acre facility to accommodate the addition.

Are you more excited to see Sweet Tarts or Necco Wafers return?

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