Neighbors Want Woman To Fix Her ‘Inappropriate’ Dragon Decorations So She ‘Fixes’ Them

Christmas decorations are a favorite part of the holiday season for many families. Some people love them but other people, not so much and it may have to do with who puts them up. When you drive by a house that is decorated completely, however, there is nothing quite like it.

Diana Rowland is a woman who loves Christmas decorations but her idea of Christmas may not be the most traditional. Decorating, however, is right up her alley.

The festive display outside of her home features dragons instead of Santa Claus and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. The dragons seem to have drawn some attention from the neighbors.

Take a look at it for yourself:

“I am proud to present the new and improved and ultra-christmasified holiday display! (h/t to my sister for providing the two Christmas dragons!)”

I am proud to present the new and improved and ultra-christmasified holiday display! (h/t to my sister for providing the two christmas dragons!)

Posted by Diana Rowland on Saturday, December 15, 2018

Diane wrote this at a later time:

“Our dragon holiday display got fan mail! (And apparently the “true meaning of Christmas” involves judgemental bullsh*t?) I’m also not sue I understand how the dragons are only marginally acceptable at Halloween. I guess they think I need MORE dragons??”

She received an angry fan letter:

“Your dragon display is only marginally acceptable at Halloween. It is totally inappropriate at Christmas. It makes your neighbours wonder if you are involved in a demonic cult.

Please consider removing the dragons.

May God bless you and help you to know the true meaning of Christmas.”

In the spirit of neighborhood harmony, I have placed halos on the dragons. They are now angels. Ezekial 1:1-28. I'll fight anyone who says different. ????

Posted by Diana Rowland on Saturday, December 15, 2018

Even though she came up against some haters, there were many people on social media who were coming to her defense. One of them even called her neighbor a ‘tool’

Another joked: ‘I think the problem your neighbour has with the display is that you have three wise dragons, but no bay Jesus dragon, or Mary and Joseph dragons. It is an incomplete dragon nativity.’

She has received many donations to buy more dragons.

Posted by Diana Rowland on Friday, December 14, 2018

She wrote:

“Hi, everyone! I’ve been getting a number of messages about donations or GoFundMes for MORE DRAGONS, and as much as I’m tempted to fill my entire yard with ALL THE DRAGONS, I believe that the Christmas season should be about joy and charity.

Therefore, I would much rather people take the money they might put toward my dragon army and donate it to a worthy organisation, such as a local food bank or shelter, or programs for underprivileged kids, etc. Therefore, in the name of MY DRAGON ARMY, I invite you all to leave a link in the comments to your preferred charity. Or, if you don’t have a fave charity, please feel free to leave a gif or video that always makes you smile and brings you joy.

Merry holidays, y’all!!”

It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

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