New pizza box is specially designed for eating pizza in bed

Before I worked from home I remember I’d get to the end of an exhausting week and just want to crawl into my bed on a Friday night and watch Netflix while scarfing down a pizza.

It’s a ritual I’m sure I’m not alone in because pizza is fantastic – everyone loves pizza. It’s a crowd-pleaser. And thankfully, there is plenty of pizza options to suit a variety of dietary needs. So when you order in on a Friday night, typically you just eat the pizza straight out of the box rather than actually be bothered dirtying dishes or utensils.

But if you want to be lazy and eat pizza in bed while watching TV, you have to get a little more creative in how to avoid dirtying your sheets with grease. But thankfully, there is now a solution for that.

And we can thank Boston Pizza for it. Someone there has ingeniously invented the BP in Bed box. Not all heroes wear capes.

The Canadian-based is responsible for the innovative idea in which your pizza box can then be folded out to create a set of legs, letting it stand on its own, giving you easy access as well as optimal comfort – and absolutely zero worries of grease stains.

However, before you get excited to try Boston Pizza and their new invention, just know that it is only available within Canada, the US, and Mexico – so if you’re outside these countries, you may have to wait a little bit longer before you have the full freedom of easy pizza consumption in bed.

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