How My New SMART Mattress Wakes Me Up, Makes Coffee, And Improves My Sleep

My wife and I had our old mattress for years, and I couldn’t remember the last time I got a full night’s rest. I always seemed to wake up with a nagging pain in my back or neck, so my wife and I decided it was finally time for an upgrade.

I’d been reading a lot about the new wave of delivery services, and how you can get almost anything delivered right to your door, including a brand new mattress. I was able to browse mattresses and read reviews all from my phone without having to leave the couch. After doing a bit of research and asking around, I learned about a smart mattress company that really stood out: Eight. Eight designed their smart mattress to integrate directly with my Amazon Alexa, and it does more than I even imagined. Given their 100 night trial period, I knew I had to test it out.

The smart mattress tracks my sleep and gives me everything I need to know, from my heart rate to how often I toss and turn. It gave me a sleep score and everything I needed to get deeper, more restful sleep. It also tracked my wife’s side of the bed separately, and helped us figure out the right time to go to bed, and the ideal sleeping conditions for each of us. I can even set the temperature for each side of the bed separately. My wife is always cold and I wake up in the middle of the night sweating, so this was a huge feature for us. I swear my wife has even been nicer to me around the house since the upgrade.

The mattress can do everything my Alexa can do, including turn off the lights when I get into bed. It monitors my sleep cycle to wake me up within 30 minutes of my alarm, so it won’t ruin a deep sleep, and I can even set it to turn on my coffee maker in the morning when I wake up! The features are endless and I can do things like set it to dim the lights and lower the TV volume as we get into bed. It’s like having a full command center right from Eight’s dedicated app.

The best part is that Eight has a financing option with $0 down. I’m only paying $36 a month with no interest for the mattress, and I was approved in a few minutes. With the autopay feature I don’t have to worry about a thing. The bed is incredibly comfortable, and I’m constantly finding cool new features. My wife and I have never slept better, and our marriage hasn’t been this strong in years. I’ve told all my friends to check it out, and I could have never imagined that something I didn’t know existed a month ago could change my life so much!

PLUS: Eight is giving our readers up to $250 TODAY ONLY on a brand new smart mattress.


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