Newfoundland Holds The Cutest Grudge Against Mom Until She Says The Magic Words

Every pet owner has that moment where they have finally had enough of the animal’s nonsense. Whether they are upset because the pet made a mess in the house or because they accidentally broke something during their frolicking, it is easy to pass the blame. However, we always end up feeling bad once we see the sad expressions on our pets’ faces. Who can bear to yell like that?

While there are some pets who are able to get over these types of occurrences rather quickly, there are others who cannot. Sometimes, there are owners who screw up so badly….their dogs will not forgive them. Take the dog in this story, for instance. Ralphie is very upset and is not about to give his mother the satisfaction of knowing why he is down.

There are some offenses that are truly unforgivable. When his mother Bee tries to find out more about why he is upset, he will not even look in her direction. Anyone who has ever had to coax a dog’s reasoning out of them can relate. We may not want to believe that our animals can hold grudges against us but there are certain things that cannot be tolerated.

Ralphie knows how to hold a grudge, doesn’t he? We are almost impressed by his willingness to stick to his guns. Bee finally comes to one of the most important realizations that a person can have. Sometimes, it is better to simply apologize for your wrongdoing. There is no reason to play the blame game. Saying “I’m sorry” is the ultimate Band-Aid.

Our pal Ralphie agrees. As soon as he hears the apology, his whole demeanor changes. He plops down on his mother’s lap and is happy to be friends again. This dog’s ability to hold out until he has heard the magical words that change everything has us roaring with laughter. Ralphie sticks to his guns and we love him so very much for that.

If you laughed at this clip as hard as we did, please be sure to pass it along. Ralphie’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless and we are loving every minute of this. We just hope that Bee is able to avoid drawing Ralphie’s ire in the future. It is never too late to apologize at moments like these and this is something that all of the other dog owners out there could learn from.

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