Nike is now using plus-size mannequins in stores

A win for diversity – Nike, the sportswear manufacturer, has introduced plus-sized mannequins at their flagship store in London.

This is a larger reflection of social acceptance of body positivity, which has been a movement in recent years, which is set on helping everyone accept and love their bodies regardless of size.

However, sports is still one place where larger people feel a little stigmatized at times. This is why the plus-sized mannequin is so important. It helps demonstrate to others that it’s ok to be active whatever size you are.

The mannequin was unveiled onto the women’s floor of the Nike store, along with para-sports mannequins.

Nike has been praised as a leader in the market for providing sportswear for women who are about a US size 20.

The brand of sportswear introduced its first plus-size range back in February of 2017, and since then, they have collaborated with a number of well-known plus-size models in order to help promote the message of body positivity.

One of these models is Chloe Elliott.

To help understand why Nike’s gesture is so important to the body positivity movement, not too long ago, well-known brands like River Island removed their plus-size range from their stores to online only, making it critical that we continue to have an impactful body positivity movement.

The women’s floor of Nike’s London store has been completely revamped, making it a sports extravaganza where visitors can have 1:1 on bra fittings, as well as speak to Nike trainers.

Sarah Hannah, Nike’s GM/VP for Women in EMEA, said:

“With the incredible momentum in women’s sport right now, the re-designed space is just another demonstration of Nike’s commitment to inspiring and serving the female athlete. This is more than a shopping experience, it’s a destination to celebrate sport just in time for an incredible summer of football, netball, athletics and more.”

Hopefully, Nike’s decision to represent all body types will encourage other big brands to do the same.

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