Little girl picked ‘The Nun’ as her birthday theme and the photos are scary

When a child chooses to throw a birthday party, one would expect for it to have kids themes like animals, princesses, and superheroes. However, one little girl decided to pick something completely different. For Lucia’s third birthday party, she decided to go with a theme from the 2018 supernatural horror film The Nun.

Lucia’s cousin, Andrea, shared photos of the event on Twitter, posting, “So it was my cousins 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this.”

In the images, we see Lucia and a friend in costume, along with an adorably grotesque model, plus a Demon Nun cake with ‘Lucia’ written in red frosting to imitate blood. Spooky!

In case you’re not sure, The Nun is a film that serves as a prequel to The Conjuring 2, and is the 5th film in the Conjuring franchise. Lucia reportedly saw the movie at her grandmother’s house and insisted on watching the film until the end. When her birthday came around, she repeatedly told her mother she was set on a Nun-themed party. Her mother, plus the Internet, gave in and said yes.

Her cousin Andrea’s tweet of the party went viral, acquiring more than 560,000 likes, plus several positive responses.

“I fully support whatever decision this child makes for the rest of their life,” stated @ceenavangsta.

“omg hahaha I love this!” wrote @ biebzxjonas, while also sharing photos from her own 6-year-old brother’s Child’s Play-themed party.

@victorhvgo decided to create an eerie gothic painting of Lucia’s party as a memento.

Naturally, there were some people that pointed out the fact that The Nun is rated R, as well as speculated on how healthy it is for children to choose such a birthday party theme.

What do you think? Would you let your kid throw a birthday party like this? Would you have wanted to throw a party like this as a kid? Let us know!

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