Man Gives Shelter Dogs Haircuts To Help Them Find Forever Homes & Shares Before-And-After Pics

As anyone knows, there is nothing quite like receiving an awesome haircut. There is something about getting a haircut that makes us feel like a brand new person. Of course, our four legged friends tend to feel the same way. When dogs are given haircuts, they are given a whole new lease on life. That’s what makes this story such an incredible one.

Shelter dogs are not typically given the chance to enjoy a brand new haircut. They are forced to reside in close quarters and they do not get the opportunity to be properly groomed. One man has decided to step up to the plate, though. While these dogs certainly feel better when they are given haircuts, there are other benefits that cannot be neglected.

For starters, dogs that have received haircuts are far more likely to be adopted. Those who visit shelters are not likely to take home an animal that has not been groomed beforehand. All it takes is a simple haircut to change the animals’ appearance dramatically. As one of the volunteer groomers for the Animal Care Centers of NYC, this is something that Mark Imhof knows all too well.

He got his start as a businessman but he has since transitioned into the world of dog grooming. We would like to imagine that this is a much more rewarding pursuit. He got the necessary certifications and training in a timely manner, so that he could use his talent to assist dogs that were in need of homes. His efforts have not gone unnoticed.

When Mark sees the shelter dogs that have been neglected, his heart breaks for them. These animals have matted fur and are very dirty. This makes it much tougher for them to find the forever homes that they deserve. Worst of all, these dogs experience a great deal of pain when they are not properly groomed. Their fur becomes full of knots and tangles.

Sadly, these dogs do not have the ability to help themselves. Mark realizes that these dogs are not going to be very pleasant when they are expected to live this way. Thanks to his help, their adopt-ability is increased dramatically. New York residents who would like to receive his assistance are welcome to contact Mark The Dog Guy or pay him a visit. Please take a moment to share this story as a means of raising awareness about this commonly neglected issue.

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