Dog Dumped In A Deep Crater Is Filled Will Joy When She Sees Help Has Arrived

Thumbelina’s story is a sad one. This dog was recently abandoned inside of a deep crater. Worst of all, she had no means of freeing herself. There was no way out and she was facing her own demise. Luckily, the good folks at Association for Abandoned Animals Malta were willing to help out. They did not want Thumbelina’s suffering to continue any longer.

Dogs who find themselves trapped can often injure themselves because they are so panicked. Just imagine what it would be like to be trapped inside of a large hole that you could not climb out of. While we would all like to believe that we would be cool, calm and collective under this sort of duress, that is easier said than done. Thumbelina is living proof.

Without the assistance of these rescuers, she never would have been able to survive. Stories like these make us wonder what goes through people’s minds when they dispose of animals this way. Do they realize that they are essentially condemning them to a death sentence? Do they just assume that someone is going to come along and help these animals out?

We would genuinely like to know what these people think is going to happen after they leave the animals behind. You have to be a truly selfish person to be able to abandon a helpless animal and then carry on like nothing happened. Thumbelina’s demeanor once the rescuers in this clip arrive says it all, doesn’t it? She clearly thought that she was a total goner.

Coming to terms with your own mortality is something that no animal should ever have to experience. Humans need to learn how to be more considerate of the animals that they are trying to part ways with. There are no shortage of shelters and organizations who are on hand to help. Pet owners should also take the time to consider their own circumstances.

There are so many stories like this one that could be avoided if pet owners were willing to consider the bigger picture. This story may have had a happy ending but there are so many other animals who are not so lucky. That’s why this story needs to be shared far and wide. Awareness must be spread about the cruelty of animal abandonment. If you would like to see more of this awesome rescue for yourself, please be sure to check out the clip below.

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