Wild Horse Offers Thanks To The Man Who Freed His Legs From Chains

Those who have their own horses in Romania engage in some customs that animal lovers do not always agree with. While it may be commonplace for these horses to have their hind legs bound with chains, that does not mean that the horses enjoy being treated this way. This story takes place in Letea, where one horse was finally freed from their shackles.

A vet from Four Paws discovered the animal and decided to assist them. The horse was wearing chains because the parties responsible for them wanted to keep them from running away. These majestic creatures deserve their freedom, though. The idea of seeing these animals bound in chains is heartbreaking. That’s what makes this story such a special one.

The horse knew just how fortunate they were to be freed. Ovidiu is the vet who freed them and the two shared an absolutely incredible moment. Anyone who believes that horses are unable to express their joy will definitely want to check out this story for themselves. This horse resides in the Danube delta. The Hucul breed is not made to be captured like this.

They are a wild breed. The forest where these horses reside is actually a World Heritage Site. As one of the largest wetlands in all of Europe, this location is a popular location for the breed. Once the horse had been freed by the vet, they expressed their appreciation in the only way that they know how. The vet was given a well deserved nuzzle before the horse galloped away and we cannot imagine the level of pride that they must have felt in this moment.

Few things warm our hearts more than seeing wild animals being freed from the shackles that have been placed on them. Now, it is time to raise awareness about all of the other animals who find themselves trapped. We will not rest until every single animal is freed from their chains and given the chance to enjoy a whole new lease on life.

Please take a moment to share this story. While this horse was fortunate to receive assistance, there are other animals like this one that are not so lucky. Take a moment to pass this rescue video along to all of the animal lovers that you know. They are definitely going to appreciate this touching encounter. Hopefully, we can one day live in a world where stories like these have become a thing of the past.

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