The One Thing You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip This Winter

While we are always happy to share fun facts with readers, there are certain facts that need to be shared for reasons that are less than fun. Space heaters might provide us with much needed assistance when it comes to keeping our homes warm in the winter time. But did you know that our space heaters are also a primary cause of house fires if we are not careful?

This is a terrifying truth, especially for those who rely on them so heavily. KHSB is a Kansas City news station and they are responsible for the report that has shaken so many space heater owners. According to one local firefighter, there is a reasonable explanation behind these avoidable fires. They are often cause by what is considered to be the weakest link: the extension cord.

Power strips and extension cords often allow us to consolidate all of our appliances in one central location. This sort of convenient setup might work just fine for appliances that do not produce a great deal of wattage. On the other hand, a power strip or an extension cord is simply not able to handle the amount of wattage that the average space heater generates.

Since most homeowners are not able to keep a close eye on these cords, a number of disastrous events can take place. If you are worried about your space heater and do not wish to toss it in the trash, there are a few tips to bear in mind. First of all, do not ever leave a running space heater unattended. Secondly, do not leave the space heater while you are asleep.

If we do decide to utilize a space heater, do not use a power strip or an extension cord to power it. The heater must also be kept in its proper place. Clothing items, curtains and any other materials that are remotely flammable must be kept a solid distance away from the space heater. Do not take any risks in this regard.

To bolster your home’s ability to hold in heat, take a closer look to make sure that there are not any non insulated areas. Draft guards are another solid investment. Covering windows with bubble wrap is another helpful method for keeping our homes well heated. To learn more about the best ways to keep your home warm (and safe) this winter, be sure to check out the informative video below.

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