Nine-Month Investigation Reveals Dozens Of Dogs Died After Routine Grooming At PetSmart

PetSmart is a popular pet store that has a wide range of pet products from food and treats to grooming.

A recent investigation has uncovered some information that may cause many animal lovers to rethink taking their pets to the chain store.

After the death of an English Bulldog named Scruffles in Flemington, New Jersey.NJ, Advanced Media has been looking into PetSmart’s services.

They found that since 2008 several dogs died after a routine grooming.

Petsmart has released a statement defending their services and  repeatedly stating their chain has the “highest safety standards in the industry.”

“At PetSmart, nothing is more important than the safety of the pets in our care. That is why we have set the highest grooming safety standards in the industry, and our stylists complete 800 or more hours of hands-on instruction and safety certification, working with at least 200 dogs of all breeds and sizes. In addition, stylists complete annual safety re-certification and participate in quarterly grooming safety training sessions.”

The company also stated they “implemented a comprehensive action plan in February 2018 to provide pets with an even safer and more enjoyable experience in our grooming salons.”

New changes that were added include: appointing a review board to go over the training curriculum, hosting salon open houses, enhanced salon monitoring, and improved safety standards.

They also had this to say:

“Additionally, all PetSmart groomers perform a broader safety assessment of every pet at check-in. They closely observe pets for any combination of the following: lethargy, excessive panting, excessive drooling, trembling or shaking, redness in eyes, and resistance to entering the salon or kennel area. If a pet exhibits any two of these behaviors, PetSmart will not perform the service at that time. Pet parents are welcome to stay in the store with their pet to see if the behaviors pass within 15 minutes.”

Due to the serious allegations, some customers have found other groomers and have no plans to take their pets to get groomed at PetSmart. While loyal, longtime customers will continue to take their pets there.

Do you take your dog to PetSmart for grooming? Will you continue to take them?

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