Operators Close Aquarium After Lack Of Visitors, And Just Leave The Dolphin, Penguins, And Fish

When Japan experienced a nuclear crisis back in 2011, a number of businesses in the region were forced to shut down as a result. Choshi’s The Inubosaki Marine Park Aquarium was one of these businesses. The facility stopped experiencing the same volume of visitors as it once had in the past. Earlier this year, they also decided to shut down.

There was just one problem. They did not find a proper location for all of the animals that were on site. Former employees are continuing to care for them. No one seems to know how the animals are being fed. No one even knows how much food is left. Honey the dolphin is one of these animals and her story happens to be a rather sad one. She is the only dolphin at this location.

Imagine how lonely Honey must be, knowing that she is the only one of her kind around. The poor dolphin does not have the chance to socialize and she lives in a very cramped area. This is no life for a majestic creature of the sea. A petition has been started so that these animals are finally given the chance to enjoy a better existence at a different location.

We cannot believe that someone would be willing to abandon a group of animals in such a cruel and callous manner. The skeleton crew that is still on hand at this location offers the animals the chance to meet their basic needs but there is only so much that can be done. These animals need a proper home and they need it as soon as possible.

That’s why this story needs to be shared with a wider audience as soon as possible. Dolphins like to be socially active and they are intelligent creatures. They do not like to kept away from their friends and loved ones. This is something that any of us can understand. The petition is being circulated in hopes of finding an approved animal sanctuary for these creatures to live in.

Protests are also taking place outside of the facility. Citizens who do not wish to see these animals treated poorly are banding together to make their voices heard. While these animals will probably not be able to reside in the wild anymore, there are a wide range of other facilities where they can live. Please be sure to share this story so that a greater level of attention can be called to their plight.

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