Owner Brings In Dogs To Be Euthanized – Shelter Gives Them Makeovers Instead

Pet ownership is a massive responsibility. Those who believe that it is all good times and sunshine have a lot to learn. Making this sort of commitment to a pet is great but what happens when the going gets rough? Sadly, there are too many people out there who see no problem with giving up on this responsibility as soon as they have to lift a finger to help the animal.

That’s why it is important to consider all of the necessary questions when pet adoption is taking place. Are you going to be willing to make sure that all of the animal’s medical needs are met? Can you make sacrifices in your own life if need be? These are questions that we need to be honest with ourselves about. There is no need to lie about these things.

The pets are the only ones who are hurt in the end. We wish that people would be willing to be honest about this, so that we could stop reading stories about abandoned animals. Candy, Kate and Angel are three adorable pups who recently fell victim to this fate. They are Shih Tzus and we cannot get enough of them. We can’t believe someone would cast them aside.

The Spokane Humane Society was more than happy to take them in. They knew that the dogs needed help. Their fur was all matted and full of tangles. It was as if they were being weighed down, literally. The owner who dropped off the dogs said that they wanted the animals to be euthanized. The girls were considered to have a biting problem.

The shelter owner did not want to put the dogs to sleep, though. They saw that there was true potential in these animals. They still had a whole lot of living to do! Can you believe that a whopping 13 pounds of fur was removed from the girls? These dogs even got their own nickname. They are now known as the “three little ladies”.

All it took was a little bit of tender, loving care to restore these dogs to their rightful glory. It took six hours to free the dogs from their makeshift hair prisons. We cannot even begin to imagine how good they must have felt once the process was finally over. Their true personalities have emerged and they will soon have the chance to be adopted by a loving family. Please share this story to raise awareness!

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