Man Rescues Injured Deer And Gets Hit With A Huge Fine

York County, Pennsylvania is home to a true hero. The man in this story stepped up to the plate big time. He saw a group of deer that were in peril and he acted immediately. John Stoll Jr. did have some help from Pennsylvania Game Commission officials who were on the scene at the time. One of the deer was able to rescued after spending a great deal of time in the frozen waters.

John decided that he would take this deer home with him. The game wardens had not arrived at that time. He spied them on the other side of the lake but he did not think that there was any problem with taking the deer home. If he was not willing to step in, who knows what would have become of the animal? In John’s eyes, he was simply doing the right thing.

We certainly understand where John is coming from here. If he hadn’t been willing to help, who would have? What was the point of pulling the animals from the icy waters if they were going to be allowed to die anyway? He obviously wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he took the deer since he posted Facebook status updates throughout the process.

Unfortunately, he could not keep the animal alive. The deer passed away and then the game commission decided that it was time to step in. He is now facing hefty fines for removing the animal from its natural habitat. One of the fines could range as high as $800. No specific commentary has been made about the case but Stoll could be in major trouble.

These animals are not supposed to go home with citizens. They are supposed to spend their time at licensed wildlife rehabilitation centers, with true professionals. As for Stoll, he says that he is more bummed about the fact that the deer is dead than anything else. The consequences that he may be facing are not as important to him.

He is done with being a helping hand in the future as well. Stoll says that the game commission will never receive any more assistance from him. John does not plan to pay the citation and while we typically do not support breaking the law, this is one instance where we can get behind it. An online fundraiser has already been started in his name.

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