Owner Brings Husky To A New Groomer For ‘A Trim’ And They Shaved All His Hair Off

JoJo the husky is one of the more upbeat animals that you are ever going to meet. He is four years old and is a relentless source of good cheer. This story is proof of just how good natured he is. His groomer let him down a bit but he remains in good spirits. Hannah is his mother and she has documented this story for the rest of us. We are glad she did!

It all began when the temperatures started to rise at his Texas residence. Hannah noticed that the dog was starting to shed quite a bit. She knew that he would need a proper brushing if he was going to survive the spring. Since the dog was in need of a haircut as well, Hannah elected to take him to the groomer’s. She tried out a new facility.

As it turns out, this is the sort of decision that she will live to regret. She told the place that she simply wanted to give the dog a bit of a trim. When Hannah let the groomer know that she wanted the dog shaved so that he would stop shedding, it seems as if these people took that last part to heart. The haircut that he got was one for the ages.

We cannot stop laughing. JoJo’s reaction is what is making us laugh the hardest. You would think that the dog would feel bad about the haircut or want to hang his head with shame. JoJo took it all in stride, though. He behaved in the same exact manner that he normally would. Our pal just wanted to curl up with his mother and forget the whole thing ever happened.

Once he woke up, he was ready to play with all of the toys that he likes best. This is one dog who does not let a bad hair day ruin their life for any reason. Hannah loves him very much and it is easy to see why. He’s a goofy pup who seems to understand the bigger picture. Why would he fret over something that will one day grow back?

This dog’s mentality should be a lesson to the rest of us. He was willing to overlook a bad haircut and kept right on living his life. As for Hannah, she cannot resist taking lots and lots of pictures. Luckily for us, these are some of the funniest photos that we have seen in awhile. Be sure to pass this story along as soon as possible!

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