Dog Was Enjoying Some Bonding Time With The New Baby Until He Suddenly Realizes He’s Pooped

We have all experienced that awkward moment when someone else breaks wind or belches in the middle of a conversation. It is not always intentional and we try our best to overlook it when possible. After all, a person is powerless to stop their own bodily functions from taking place. We must be willing to turn the other cheek when possible, right?

This is a lesson that Max the dog had to learn the hard way. He was spending time with his pal Hollis when the little tyke received a call from nature. Their bonding time was going so well, though. Why would Max have to ruin it this way? Hollis did not know any better. He was just hanging out with his pal when a potty break just so happened to occur.

Clips like these make us wonder how many hilarious moments like this one take place each day. There is just something about putting babies and dogs together in the same room that leads to hysterical videos each time. Dogs and babies share an inability to hide their feelings and that is probably why they get along so well. Neither is able to lie, no matter how hard they try.

Just take these two, for instance. Hollis is unable to hide the fact that he is taking a potty break while hanging out with Max and who can blame him? This is just a normal part of life for him so why would the dog feel this way? We understand where Hollis is coming from here. Meanwhile, Max is not able to hide his feelings about the matter as well.

As soon as he catches one whiff of that poop filled diaper, he is gone as quick as he came. This is more than he can tolerate and he does not want to be around for when that diaper gets changed. This is probably a process that he has seen on multiple occasions. He’s willing to wave goodbye to the baby and he is ready to carry on with his day as soon as possible.

Would you like to see this hilarious clip for yourself? If so, be sure to check out the video of Max and Hollis’ encounter. Your friends and family members will be screaming with laughter when they sit down to watch this one. If you are anything like us, you will definitely be watching this video more than once. Share away, everyone!

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