20 Animals That Won The Genetics Lottery

Mutations are always going to attract a great deal of attention and for good reason. While comic books have given us a false impression of mutation, these animals are here to change all of that. These creatures are sure to brighten up anyone’s day so be sure to pass this cuteness along!

Image Source: thebryguy23 / reddit  

A cat with a beard? Now we have truly seen it all.

Image Source: d1psyyyy / reddit  

At first, we thought that this was a wig. On closer inspection, we are very wrong.

Image Source: Debuchin / reddit  

Perhaps this cat is a distant relative of the bearded cat that we just had the chance to meet above.

We could easily spend the rest of the day staring directly into these green eyes.

Image Source: Lipovjycvet / pikabu  

Snakes are terrifying to look at in most instances but we would definitely make an exception for this guy.

What a majestic set of twins. Their eyes are absolutely spellbinding.

Image Source: myhightide / reddit  

This cat’s eyes seem to contain the entire world and we cannot get enough of them.

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Who knew that foxes could come in so many different colors? You learn something new every day.

Image Source: laurackreddit / reddit  

If there was ever an award given to the fluffiest cat in the whole world, this feline would be an absolute shoo in.

These two sisters are two of the prettiest cats that we have ever seen. Their eyes are too beautiful to put into words.

Hey Steelers fans- does our new little addition remind you of anyone? Say hello to Baby Ben! We know which team he'll be rooting for on Sunday.

Posted by Vale Wood Farms on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This cow is the luckiest girl that we have ever seen.

Image Source: K3wl_ reddit  

We have yet to come across another German shepherd that was this captivating.

This whole picture is in need of a proper frame. Hang it in the Museum of Modern Art, please.

Image Source: VLStetson / pikabu  

A rabbit with a smoky eye? This is the sort of look that just about anyone can pull off.

Image Source: EvilRaccoon / pikabu  

Pythons aren’t typically this handsome but this fellow deserves a second look.

Image Source: 295DVRKSS / reddit  

If this cat’s owners are ever hard up for cash, they can simply rent their pet out as a floor duster.

Image Source: Scrappy / Facebook  

We cannot tell if this cat is real. If the cat is not real, we do not want anyone to tell us.

Image Source: to_the_tenth_power / reddit  

This bear’s facial expression is absolutely priceless. It is as if he knows that he is wearing some form of “glasses”.

Image Source: Asaki / pikabu  

The cat looks like they have been personally touched by the night themselves.

Image Source: Lipovjycvet / pikabu  

Last but certainly not least, check out this awesome bird! We have never seen anything quite like it.

h/t: Brightside

Preview photo credit thebryguy23 / reddit

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