Owner Tells His Loyal Dog To Stay And Never Comes Back. Dog Waited Alone For An Entire Week

When animals are abandoned, these are some of the most heartbreaking stories that we come across. There is just something about an abandoned animal that truly tugs at the heartstrings. They do not possess the ability to discern why they are abandoned and they do not always grasp just how callous of an act this can be. Take the dog in this story, for instance.

He was simply cast aside, without so much as a second thought. These stories show us the sort of evil that still lurks in the world. We cannot believe that anyone would ever choose to treat animals this poorly, especially when there are a number of other options available to them. This story takes place in Russia, in the city of Moscow, to be precise.

When the dog was abandoned, the owner was particularly cruel when it came to their choice of words. They told the animal to “stay” before taking off. Of course, this poor dog decided to take this command literally. Can you believe that the dog sat outside and waited for the owner to come back for a full week? This is the sort of loyalty that breaks our hearts.

After a few days had passed, Elena Kniazeva was finally able to coax the animal away from his waiting area. At this time, the dog was given a safe and warm place to say, as well as a new name: Luke. Luke’s demeanor was wary at first. He had already been exposed to the worst aspects of human nature and was rightfully afraid of human beings at this point.

Luke did not waste time making new friends, though. He quickly befriended a dog by the name of Dennis and the two became pals instantly. Dennis had also been through a horrible ordeal, as his sibling was killed and his mother’s ears had been sliced off. Cause 4 Paws Toronto was responsible for their care and they knew that they had to do everything in their power to keep these pals together.

They were rescued together and they are now patiently waiting for a forever home that has enough room in their hearts for the both of them. These two cannot be separated and they are definitely a package deal. If you would like to learn more about their plight, please be sure to visit the Cause 4 Paws Toronto website as soon as possible. Pass this story along to your friends and loved ones as well!

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