Rescue Dog Refuses To Let Go Of His Dad’s Hand On The Ride To His New Home

While there are some dogs out there that do not need to be bothered all of the time and treasure their alone time, Stanley is just simply not that type of pup. When Sam Clarence brought him home, he came up with the perfect name for Stanley: Velcro Dog. When he first arrived, he was a terrified stray who had already seen the worst of life and was understandably skittish.

Nowadays, Stanley is sure to stay in close contact with his adopted father. He will even hold his hand and this is one of the most adorable sights that we have ever seen in our lives. Not only do they have to be touching at all times but Stanley is also quite adamant about it! Sam first met his pal when he was working as a volunteer dog walker.

Once he saw Stanley, he knew that the animal was going to be a “foster fail”. However, Stanley saw things differently and he fell in love with Sam immediately. Stanley was shy at first but it did not take him long to come out of his shell. There is no moment where the two are not touching. Even when Sam goes to bed, Stanley is not far away.

He even readjusts his sleeping position throughout the night to make sure that he and his dad are never too far apart. Stanley is certainly much older now but the years have not changed his mentality. He still wants to be as close to his dad as possible and we doubt that will ever change. Sam certainly does not mind one bit, that is for sure.

Even if Sam is driving or watching television, Stanley’s paw is not far away. Sam loves his traveling companion, even when he makes it hard to remain attentive while driving. This is just one problem that Sam is more than happy to endure. The relationship that these two enjoy is just too cute. Stanley aims to please and it is safe to say that his objectives have been met.

A dog with a personality this big needs a much wider audience to share their cuteness with. Please be sure to share the story of Sam and Stanley with all of your closest friends and family members as soon as possible. If you are looking to adopt a pet of your own, take a moment to consult with the Dodo Adoptbot today!

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