Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction When She Sees Army Mom Finally Returns Home

Casandra Cabrera has spent the last ten months abroad. As a member of the United States Army, she has made tremendous sacrifices for the nation’s greater good. One of the biggest sacrifices that she was forced to make had to do with her beloved pet. During this tour of duty, she was far away from her loved ones, yet her pup was never far from her thoughts.

Casandra may not have been able to spend time with her pup during these months away but they are definitely going to make up for lost time. When she returned home, her mother Robbi captured their first meeting and the video will have you wiping away tears and wanting to jump for joy simultaneously. Missy May is one smart cookie who knew that her owner was not far away.

In fact, she seems to instinctively sense her presence, even before she has actually arrived. This is one bond that cannot be broken, no matter what! Missy May finally sees her owner and when she does, she cannot contain her excitement. Her joy is infectious and watching her leap up and down only makes us want to do the exact same thing.

Casandra was concerned at first. She left when the dog had just celebrated their first birthday. As a result of her departure, Casandra was worried that the animal would not remember her anymore. As it turns out, this fear was totally and completely unfounded. Missy May was more than happy to see her owner again and did not forget about her for even a second.

Casandra is still her favorite person in the world and we are sure that the feeling is quite mutual. The waiting can be the hardest part at times but reunions like this one are what makes life worth living. While Casandra may have missed her dog terribly while she was gone, they are now reunited and it feels so good (sorry, but we couldn’t help ourselves).

If this story touched you in the same way that it did us, please take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. Dogs are much smarter than they receive credit for and their ability to miss their humans makes them even more adorable than they already are! Hopefully, these two will not ever have to be separated for this long again.

Posted by Robbi Cabrera on Monday, November 26, 2018

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