Owners Return Pit Bull To Shelter Because She’s ‘Too Nice’

This is the type of story that is truly exasperating. While we understand that there are legitimate reasons to bring a dog back to the shelter post adoption, this is not one of them. Ruby does not deserve this sort of treatment and stories like these break our hearts. The sweet pitbull arrived at Orange County Animal Services and was immediately beloved.

The kind dog obeyed commands with ease. She was also an absolute joy to get along with. The volunteers at Orange County Animal Services did not expect her to have any sort of trouble finding a forever home. She was taken in by a family and they figured that this was the last time that they would see her. Unfortunately, the volunteers thought wrong.

They even asked the family why they were bringing the dog back to the shelter. The answer that they received will stop you dead in your tracks. The pitbull was handed back over to the shelter for the horrific crime of being “too nice”. This is quite the shift from the way people usually treat pitbulls. Typically, they are taken back for being too mean or aggressive.

The family offered a simple explanation: they were in the market for a guard dog. Since Ruby does not have the requisite aggression, they decided that it was time to bring her back. We have a certain level of skepticism when it comes to this explanation but let’s just move on. Britta is a woman who stopped by the shelter after Ruby was brought back.

She shared a post about the dog’s plight on her Facebook page, which immediately went viral. No one could believe that this kind dog was taken back to the shelter for apparently not being murderous enough. The applications came rolling in shortly thereafter. It only took a few days back at the shelter before she found her true forever home. All’s well that ends well!

“She was super loving, loved to be cuddled and liked to give kisses,” LifeLine Animal Project staffer Karen Hirsch told Inside Edition. “She is this way with everyone!”

Britta shared her story about meeting with Ruby for a very important reason. She is looking to raise awareness about the plight of other dogs who are currently residing at Orange County Animal Services.

“If you still want to adopt a dog (or cat), please start your search at a shelter or rescue,” Britta wrote on Facebook. “Orange County Animal Services alone receives about 53 dogs and cats A DAY. Thank you all for caring so much.”

It is important for would be pet owners to start their searches at a local rescue or shelter. There are simply too many animals out there who are in need of a home. Please be sure to pass this story along to all of your friends and loved ones.

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