Giant Pit Bull Finds Wild Baby Bunny And Adopts Him

We love to see stories about animals of different species getting along. Their friendships can serve as a valuable reminder to the rest of us humans. In a world where we allow ourselves to become sidetracked with things that are not truly important, we must put aside our petty differences and come together. Just take the pitbull and the baby bunny in this story, for instance.

Their friendship is one of the ages, isn’t it? Sharky is a pitbull who loves to make new pals. When he came across this baby bunny out in the wild, he knew that they would be friends. The bunny made its way into Sharky’s backyard but he is quite the hospitable host. We do not know all that many people who would be this welcoming, let alone animals.

Once the rabbit made his way into Sharky’s yard, the dog could tell that his new pal was a little bit dirty. The little bunny had been hopping around in the dirt all day. As for Sharky, he is no stranger to woodland creatures and other animals that you would not expect a dog to be familiar with. He interacts with a wide range of animals on a consistent basis.

Perhaps this openness is what makes him so easy to get along. If you are anything like us, you will be swooning at the impromptu bath that was provided here. As someone who interacts with cats and chickens on the regular, Sharky was not fazed to meet up with this baby bunny. In fact, it seems as if these two are old, dear friends.

We wouldn’t be shocked to learn that these two had met up with each other in the past. There’s a certain ease on display here, isn’t there? We just wish that humans would be able to get along this easily. There are full grown adults out there who cannot get along with anyone who has a different set of experiences. Let this be a lesson to them!

Please be sure to check out this awesome video as soon as possible. Once you have had the chance to see Sharky’s connection with the baby bunny for yourself, please do not hesitate to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. This is the sort of video that you and your pals are going to want to watch again and again. Don’t forget to share away, everyone.

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