You Can Now Get A Beanbag Onesie So That You Can Sit Down Wherever And Whenever You Want

There have been many crazes over the years that some people would consider to be ridiculous. We can think back to anything from the pet rock to the Rubik’s cube. Some of these items may have looked a little ridiculous at first glance but underneath it all, they have a lot to offer.

Perhaps you may feel you are seeing something like this when you look at the beanbag onesie. It is the ideal combination of a comfortable outfit and a comfortable seat. Imagine having a built-in seating option that goes with you wherever you want. Believe it or not, you can now purchase one of these creations from ThinkGeek for $89.99.

The novelty retailer is offering this exclusive item that can be purchased along with other fun items, such as Wonder Woman sneakers and a Star Wars Panini maker. When you really stop to think about all the benefits of using a beanbag onesie, it suddenly comes together. Check out this description to help get your creative juices going.

“Now you can sit wherever you want. It solves all of life’s most uncomfortable dilemmas.

Getting your license renewed and don’t want to lose your place in line? Bean bag onesie. Crowded movie night at your friend’s place with no place to sit? Bean bag onesie. Worried about snagging limited seating at the park? Not anymore. Bean bag onesie. Don’t want to stand up to perform heart surgery? Actually… you might want to remain standing for that one. But you’ll look amazing in a bean bag onesie.”

The onesie comes in one color option, “Gumby Green” and you can purchase it in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. ThinkGeek is also asking for other colors and designs. You can recommend what you want on social media.

One of the benefits of wearing this onesie is the fact that you can wear it anywhere. Some people may consider it to be a pajama outfit but you could just as easily wear it to Walmart. You can even wear it when the weather is cold because it has a built-in hood.

Perhaps one of the nicest features is the beanbag. It is more than just a comfortable seat, it gives you that big booty that is so popular nowadays. There is no doubt you will be the envy of all of your friends if you wear this out on the dance floor.

ThinkGeek commissioned a fan who was also a cosplayer and seamstress to create the prototype. Now that it is out there, it is available for anyone to enjoy.

You can purchase them from the ThinkGeek website and they even have a measurement chart to help you get started. You will need accurate sizes of your chest, length, and your big booty. It also helps to have a sense of humor.

If you would like more of a presentation of this interesting product, you can find it in the following video:

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