Paralyzed Dog Abandoned At Dumpster Never Thought Anyone Would Find Her

Susanna the dog was in a bad spot and she was ready to give up all hope of ever finding a forever home that she could call her own. Her owner had decided to toss her aside completely. She was left at a well known dumping ground and forced to fend for herself. Susanna was not being fed. She was also covered in various ticks and fleas. Her living conditions had left her exhausted and unable to even lift her head.

Luckily, Isabel Zapata is a local animal rescuer who was not willing to let Susanna pass away. She searches the dumping ground where the dog was left on a regular basis. Isabel knows firsthand what will happen to pets who are left in this area for too long. Once she found Susanna, she contacted the good people at Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue right away so that they could give her the help she needed.

The group took Susanna in right away with no hesitation. This story could have been even more heartbreaking when you stop to consider the fact that trucks regularly pass thru the dumping ground at high rates of speed. The poor dog had to be lifted onto a tarp when it was time to go because of her inability to move. She was then rushed to the local animal hospital.

At this time, it was determined that she was paralyzed. No one seemed to know if Susanna was ever going to walk again. Her issues stem from the poor treatment that she has received from the humans who were supposed to be taking care of her. The deformities that caused her to lose the use of her legs were likely caused by cruel owners who forced her to spend her life inside of a crate.

It is believed that Susanna was used for breeding purposes and tossed aside as soon as the breeders were finished with her. Her rescuers realized that she still had a passion for life and wanted to do anything that they could to assist her. A recovery plan was formulated and she was given a pain medication that would ease the suffering as it was taking place.

Before long, the treatment plan started to show results and it was not long before the dog was spotted walking through the waters at her rehabilitation pool. Her iron will got her through this very difficult period and thanks to the help of her rescuers, she is back on the road to living a normal life. Please pass this inspirational tale along to your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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