Senior Dog Nearing The End Wipes Away His Owner’s Tears

Mýa Monay Davis and Simba the dog have been inseparable for nearly two decades now. The relationship that these two enjoy is almost too cute to put into words. The two have been pals since they first met and Davis considers Simba to be a childhood friend. Unfortunately, our furry friends cannot live forever and Simba is reaching the natural end of his lifespan.

This is just part of the reality of pet ownership. Simba is growing older and his body has begun to slow down. Davis had to consider the idea of putting him to sleep in order to put an end to his suffering. Of course, this is the last thing that any pet owner would ever want to do. As Simba gets closer to the end, Davis realizes that every moment with the dog is precious.

Appreciating our pals while they are still alive is important. After all, we should always give our loved ones their flowers while they still have the chance to smell them. Davis created a video that shows her speaking with her best friend and the dog’s reaction to her words is absolutely priceless. She laid down on the floor next to him and let Simba know that it would be okay to let go.

Davis wanted Simba to know just how much he meant to her. She did not want to have to put him to sleep. When she told him that everything was going to be all right, she did not quite believe it herself. At that moment, the gravity of the situation hit her and she began to cry. Simba saw the pain that his owner was experiencing and decided to comfort her. This made for one of the most special moments that we have ever seen.

As the tears rolled down her face, Simba reached up to wipe them away. While Davis thought that she would be the one to comfort Simba, it ended up being the other way around. Simba’s condition has improved a bit since this moment but there is no way around the aging process. Thanks to Simba, this fur baby parent is able to cope with the inevitable loss of her old friend.

You would think that it would be Davis that needed to reassure Simba in these instances, wouldn’t you? This story goes to show just how smart and perceptive dogs can be. They can sense our pain even when they are dealing with their own problems. Please share this awesome story today!

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