Paralyzed dog dumped on street with broken wheelchair and bag of diapers

Unfortunately, dogs who are residing in shelters and struggling with disabilities do not always get chosen to live in a forever home. Many adopters are looking for younger dogs without medical issues. As a result, disabled dogs are usually passed over. Lunita the dog thought she had found a loving family that was willing to take care of her. One day, all of that changed.

She was left on the streets to fend for herself. When she was found, she had been tied up outside of a local grooming shop in Argentina. The dog is paralyzed and the owners wanted nothing to do with her anymore. She was dumped outside and left by her wheelchair. These people simply decided that she would be someone else’s problem. How can anyone be so cruel to such an innocent dog?

Lunita did not deserve this type of treatment at all. No disabled animal does. LUBA Salta was contacted soon after. A local passerby wanted to make sure that she was going to get the help she so desperately needed. They took her to a local veterinarian’s clinic. She was given the care she needed and even provided with a brand new wheelchair that worked just fine!

Now that she had wheels again, she came back to life. While the rescuers were never able to track down the owners responsible for this deplorable treatment, they decided to find her a new forever family. One family tried to care for her but was forced to bring her back to the shelter. When the shelter put Lunita’s story online, they received a massive response.

Everyone felt terrible about the struggles that she had been going through. They wanted to make sure that she no longer had to suffer. She made her way to the United States and is now living the life that she has always deserved. Best of all, the good folks at Eddie’s Wheels have seen fit to provide her with a brand new wheelchair. Now, she can motor around with her new family!

She made it all the way to her 11th birthday before finally falling ill. Sadly, Lunita passed away shortly thereafter. “She changed my life forever. I loved her so much,” said Lunita’s mother in a touching Facebook post after she was laid to rest. If you would like to learn more about Lunita’s heartwarming story, take a moment to check out the video below….

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