People Are Having Trouble Seeing The ‘Hidden Dog’ In This Optical Illusion

If you look closely you can see a hidden dog hiding in this optical illusion. This drawing has gone viral recently because it is only for people with a keen eye. If you love dogs and puzzle, give it a try and see if you can find the dog in this photo of a man wearing a hat and a beard:

Give yourself only two minutes to try and find it before scrolling down to reveal the answer…No peaking!

Images like this are called optical illusions and are designed to play tricks on your vision.

Here’s a hint: Do you see any features on the man that are related to a dog? Look closely.

The answer: When you flip the image upside down you can see a dog with a bone in his mouth.

The man’s hat is a mat that the dog is sitting on, his nose is a bone, and his beard is the dog’s head.

How cool is that, right? Be sure to share with your friends to see if they can guess, too!

Source: TopBuzz

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