Mom In Tears After Manager Kicks Her Out Of Waterpark Because She Was Breast-Feeding

When the weather gets hot, many of us think about heading off to the pool. That is what a 32-year-old mother in Texas did. Her name is Misty Daugereaux and she was just looking to have a good time that day.

Little did she know that her day would end with such a tearful twist.

Misty was nursing her 10 month old baby by the pool when the manager came over and told her to ‘cover up’.

Suddenly, Misty was both embarrassed and hurt. She refused to do as they said, so the staff called the police. They said that Misty had exposed both of her breasts and was cursing at them angrily.

When the police first arrived, Misty assumed that they would take her side. She began to feel some relief. She knew what the Texas law said, that she is “entitled to breast-feed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be.”

The response was not what she was expecting. The body camera footage from the officer showed that a heated confrontation ensued. Misty, a lifeguard and the pool manager were involved and eventually Misty was asked to gather up her belongings and leave with her children.

“I have a right to feed my baby!” the emotional mother cried.

“I don’t stand for a lot. but I will stand for that.”

The video was posted online and it went viral. It wasn’t long before a number of local mothers came to the community pool and they had a message for those who told her to leave.

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