People Aren’t Convinced This Dog Isn’t A Statue

Now that we are constantly being subjected to Photoshop pranks, it can be hard to tell what is real and what is fake anymore. If you are anything like us, you have probably been bamboozled in the past. “Fake news” is an all too common issue. That is probably why this dog is attracting so much attention these days. The animal has quite the unique look!

As a result, no one can seem to tell whether the images of the animal are Photoshop or not. Many believe that the dog is actually a statue of some sort. We are here to assure you, this is a living, breathing dog. Piper the dog is racking up likes left and right and for good reason. Sandra Pineda is the dog’s owner and the family resides in the Philippines.

Once Sandra logged back in to read all of the comments that had been left on her dog’s picture, she realized that the animal had definitely struck a chord. The statue question kept coming up over and over again. This definitely makes us feel much better about the whole thing, that is for sure. We thought that we were the crazy ones!

Piper was only two months old when Sandra first brought her home. She is a Mexican hairless and this is why her appearance is so unique. Sandra did not even understand all of the commentary at first. Why was everyone picking on her baby? In time, she began to realize that the curiosity about the animal’s appearance was merely a compliment.

They could not believe that the dog was real. Sandra admits that it is much harder for her to view the dog as a statue because she is around Piper every day. These are the sorts of differences that are more easily noticeable when we are not around the animals on a daily basis. One thing is for sure: Piper is a majestic animal and her mother is one lucky woman.

She is flattered that her dog could ever be mistaken for such a gorgeous work of art and is accepting all of the jokes with good humor. Sandra also realizes that she is contributing to the jokes by coating her skin in coconut oil. Beauty like this does not come easily. What do you think of this dog? Be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones to find out more about their take.

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