People Were Told Not To Touch This ‘Ugly’ Kitten But One Man Wouldn’t Listen

Ugly is the sort of animal that leaves an impression on everyone they meet. According to one man who lived in the same apartment complex as Ugly, he was the type to fight, eat and play in the trash. In addition to these less than desirable traits, Ugly is also the sort of cat who finds themselves in search of love. His missing ear and eye keep people from getting too close.

Ugly was used to being avoided by everyone. As an animal with a broken foot and a body full of sores, this was the life he was accustomed to. No one wanted to touch him and everyone in the apartment complex would usually avoid him like the plague. He was, quite literally, an untouchable. Those who are hardest to love tend to be the ones who need it the most, though.

Even when children would jeer him and adults would throw rocks, Ugly would not turn tail. He would simply stand there and wait for the strangers to stop being mean to him. Ugly even showed forgiveness to those who hurled objects in his direction. The cat would even run up to children. On the rare occasion he was picked up, he would suckle the first item he could find.

He tried to make friends with the neighbor dogs but this did not go well for him. He was mauled before he even had the chance. One man heard the screams and came to his aid. Even when he was covered in wounds and near death, he was still purring and trying to suckle the man’s ear. In this moment, he realized the true beauty that this cat possessed.

Ugly never tried to bite the man or run away. All he had ever wanted was a little bit of love and affection. Finally, he had found someone who was willing to give it to him. This story is a prime example of what can take place when someone is willing to take a chance on an animal that others have discarded. This man says that he now wants to be more like Ugly.

Most of us wish to become better looking. Others will wish for more money. Ugly is here to teach us that these things are not as important as we would like to think. It is what is on the inside that counts the most.

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