Dog Offers Moral Support To His Favorite Teddy Bear During Wash Time

Habs is a dog who is very loyal, like most dogs are known to be. He’s made a very good friend and he is always going to make sure that this friend is by his side. Habs’ friend? A massive teddy bear. Jacqueline is his owner and while the toy was hers originally, Habs has since been able to claim it as his own. How could you ever say “no” to a face that cute?

Habs and the teddy bear are essentially inseparable. Anyone who picks up the bear is tailed by Habs until they are willing to put it back down. He does not play when it comes to his best friend. Habs was recently forced to contend with the fact that he could not, in fact, spend every waking moment with the teddy bear recently. The poor fellow was in dire need of a bath.

As for Habs, he was not about to leave the animal’s side. It did not matter what was going on. He was going to remain by the teddy bear’s side through thick and thin. He did not allow the bath to take place without his supervision. Jacqueline says that she has never seen the dog behave in this way before. Even when the teddy bear went into the wash, Habs was right there to monitor the situation.

He even sat in front of the dryer for the entirety of the cycle.

Now that is loyalty! It did not take long before Habs and the bear were finally reunited. However, the reunion did not come a moment too soon for poor Habs. Little did he know that his family simply wanted him to cuddle up with a clean toy, as opposed to the filthy one he’d been dragging through the house.

The dog was so traumatized, he even had a nightmare about the loss of his bear. He woke up out of a sound sleep and went to go paw at the dryer. Habs had to make sure that his pal was not still in serious peril. Once Habs saw that his bear was still safe and sound, he was willing to go back to bed. What a hilariously adorable story.

Whether you are wiping away tears of laughter like we are or you are looking to give Habs a cuddle to make him feel better, one thing is for sure: this is a story that needs to be shared. Hopefully, Habs will be sleeping soundly from here on out. No one needs to be messing with his bear anymore!

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