Blue ‘Smurf’ Puppy Turns Up At Vet Clinic

Darwin Animal Doctors, A Galapagos Islands vet clinic recently got an unexpected visitor and they have quite the story to tell. One of the volunteers showed up for work one day and claimed that there was a blue puppy sitting around. Of course, people were scoffing at first and were not willing to believe.

The vets were unsure of what the person meant. Maybe the puppy just had blue eyes or a blue tongue? Instead, they went outside and found a dog that was covered in blue paint. Can you believe that this owner was not actually concerned about the blue paint? They were bringing the dog to the clinic because they were concerned about the animal’s lack of appetite.

The vet team did not need long to put 2 and 2 together. They knew that the dog’s symptoms were likely related to the paint. Taylor was the dog’s actual name but the vets decided to call her Smurf. Apparently, the dog had found her way into a bag of blue painting mix and started throwing up paint everywhere. The vets knew that they would have to intervene.

Her appearance might have inspired a few chuckles but she was in need of serious help. She had been throwing up for two days straight. It is never a good idea to consume paint, especially for dogs. Taylor was given the medication that she would need in order to get better. Her owner was also advised to give her a thorough washing.

When a dog becomes covered in paint like this, it is in the best interests of the family to give them gentle baths as often as possible. Scrubbing the paint away is a natural instinct but giving the dog as many normal showers as necessary is a better plan in most instances. It did not take long before Taylor started to look like her old self once again.

She had a speedy recovery and made it through this ordeal with flying colors. If your pet accidentally ingests a toxic substance, do not wait. Contact the good people at ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center as soon as possible so that they can provide all of the assistance that you need. Those who wish to provide a donation to this clinic urged to make a pledge to the Darwin Animal Doctors.


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