Wedding Guests Were Asked To Wear Blindfolds At The Ceremony For A Beautiful Reason

Every bride dreams about having the perfect wedding day.

Some women will spend months going over every detail of the ceremony until it arrives. Some may even lose their patience and an even smaller group may fall into the category of Bridezillas when the plans unravel.

Stephanie Campbell, however, was one woman who looked forward to her wedding day. She had a different perspective, however, because she lost her vision when she was 27 years old due to a degenerative condition.

In an interview with Good Morning America, this Australian bride said that she began losing her vision when she was a teenager. Eventually, she went blind and four years later, she was set to get married. The disorder that caused the loss of vision was cone-rod dystrophy.

Even though Stephanie was dealing with a disability, she used it to inspire her wedding day in a way that most people would never consider. She wanted all of her guests to wear blindfolds.

Just prior to Stephanie being walked down the aisle, she asked her guests to put on blindfolds. She provided the blindfolds and as she walked down the aisle to join her husband to be, Robert, they were experiencing that life-changing moment that she had just a few years prior.

“It also meant that everyone was completely present,” she said.

A photography group, Lemon Tree Film House was also on hand to assist with the event. They made the arrangements and it went off perfectly. They also produced a video of the wedding and it is to benefit the family, because they all share the same condition.

“It worked,” said Shaun and T.J. Tolhoek of Lemon Tree. “You could have heard a pin drop as everyone was so ‘present’ and Steph got to know that in that moment, everyone was right by her side.”

“Here was Steph looking so stunning that she took Rob’s breath away and yet she couldn’t see her own beauty nor Rob’s expression of complete adoration herself,” they said. “It’s humbling. It’s powerful. It’s love.”

Robert also touched on the condition his wife has during the vows.

“When you lose one of our senses, the others become heightened,” he told her. “From the start you inspired me with your strength, your beauty, and channeled me with your intelligence and intellect.”

The photos from the wedding are going viral and Stephanie hopes that they will be an encouragement to people around the world.

“People might tell you that you can’t do things, but you can do them,” she told NewsHub. “You’ve just got to work out ow to do them differently.”

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