Peruvian Police Are Installing ‘Specialty Stations’ To Help Stray Dogs And They’re Genius

Any animal lover in the world is sure to appreciate this story. In a world where stray dogs are often treated as second-class citizens, it is great to see one police force going above and beyond to help out. Animal abandonment is an all too common issue. Owners tend to underestimate the amount of care that an animal is going to need. This causes them to abandon the animal entirely.

Once the animals have been left behind, there is no one there to take care of them. They are forced to fend for themselves and living on the streets is not an easy task. Since an animal has no ability to communicate with the outside world, their basic needs cannot be met. In many cases, these dogs perish because they are unable to locate the food and water they need in time.

There are even people who will actively try to eliminate the stray dogs by poisoning them and feeding them shards of glass. This sort of barbaric behavior is cruel and unnecessary. These despicable behaviors have caused a number of stray dogs to fall ill. Fortunately, Peruvian authorities have taken notice of these practices and they are doing everything in their power to help the dogs avoid such a fate.

They have created specialized solutions that are designed to keep these dogs from roaming the streets, in search of help that is never going to come. Food and water stations provide the animals with the sustenance they need and keep them from having to forage for basic necessities. These stations are located within the city of Tacna, one of the most active cities that the nation has to offer.

The stations are attached to buildings in the form of long tubes, to reduce the amount of space that they are taking up. The stations release a moderate amount of food and water. This idea deserves a great deal of kudos. We are glad to see that someone is willing to help these dogs before it is too late. Hopefully, more cities decide to follow the example that Tacna has set.

Let’s all do our part to make this happen. Spread this story far and wide, so that other cities are able to notice the positive effects. We would also like to take this time to pay homage to the police officers who are responsible for coming up with this awesome idea. Check out the video below and share away!

Los dispensadores de la Policía Nacional de la Comisaría Central para perritos callejeros. Este chato comió galletas y tomó agua.

Posted by Jean Carlos Paredes on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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