Police Dog Tragically Passes Away After Saving Cops’ Lives On Christmas Eve

This story is a sad one but it shows the level of loyalty that our dogs have to us. A K9 officer in the state of Florida was shot and killed in the line of duty on Christmas Eve. The dog is also being credited for their heroic behavior. As it turns out, the animal is responsible for saving the lives of their fellow officers. The shooting took place in close proximity to a Florida shopping mall.

There are two suspects and authorities immediately began the process of searching for them. They were initially spotted by the Wellington Green Mall. They committed first degree murder and stand accused of armed robbery as well. When the officers learned of these crimes, they stationed themselves outside and confronted the men. Giovany Ramos Alvarez, one of the suspects, took off running.

The other suspect, Justin Vazquez, willingly surrendered himself to the authorities immediately. Cigo, the K9 officer on duty, chased after Alvarez. The suspect shot Cigo and he was badly injured. The officers rushed Cigo to the hospital but they were not able to save the dog’s life. The fallen officer has received numerous tributes.

His sacrifice was not lost on them. Cigo gave his life to save his fellow officers and he is never going to be forgotten. He is not just a good boy, he is the best boy! His handler is absolutely devastated and we must admit that we had a hard time watching the video of their reaction. No officer ever imagines that they will have to lay their brother to rest.

We hope that Cigo is resting in peace. Fortunately, none of the bystanders at this mall were injured during the shootout. The officers who were involved in the shooting have been given paid leave, as they continue to mourn the loss of their partner. If this story touched you as much as it did us, please take the time to pass it along to your friends and loved ones.

Cigo made the ultimate sacrifice for his partners and our dogs would likely do the same for us if it came down to it. They are selfless creatures who always put others first. Stories like these are sad to see but they serve as a valuable reminder of just how deeply our dogs care for us. Be sure to pass this one along, everyone!

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