Pit Bull Comforts Dying Friend After Years Of Fighting And Neglect

This is the story of two pitbulls that were found abandoned at a park in the city of Philadelphia. Gracie and Layla had been through quite the ordeal. Neither dog looked to be long for this world. Gracie was clearly in much worse shape. The dog was already starting to lose her battle and was cold to the touch. Layla was badly hurt as well but she was serving as Gracie’s protector.

She would not let anyone get close to her. If she could keep Gracie protected from any further cruelty, she would be more than happy to accept the blows on her behalf.

What an incredibly selfless gesture. Officer Harper arrived shortly thereafter. This officer may look like the typical macho police officer but underneath it all, he has a heart of gold.

He is what you would call a dog whisperer. Officer Harper speaks in a calming tone and he is able to soothe dogs with ease. Layla seemed to sense that he was there to help. At first, she anticipated another beating. It did not take long before she realized that the man was only looking to help her and her pal Gracie. The officer pet her and she allowed him to do so, before heading back to resume her guard dog duties.

Officer Harper then offered the dogs his police vest, so that they could warm up a bit. They were placed in the squad car and taken to the local vet’s office.

He was not hopeful that they would survive but he was going to do his best. The concerned officer offered up some prayers and hoped for the best. He wondered if the vet’s office would recommend putting them to sleep.

They were suffering quite a bit and he could see why this solution would be suggested. It did not take long for the vet to determine that the animals had been part of a dog fighting ring. They had spent their entire lives fighting. Gracie and Layla had never known what it was like to be loved. From there, Gracie was given fluids and she began to bounce back.

Both dogs made it through this ordeal and are still alive today. This story is a testament to their tremendous courage. They are going to need further rehabilitation but the kindly officer is happy to assist them. His new organization, Justice Rescue, is also going to help the dogs find their way. Please share this amazing story with your friends and family members.

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