Malnourished Dog Abandoned At Vet Clinic Doesn’t Look Like A Dog At All

Dobby the dog has had a tough go of things. When he was first seen by the local vaccination clinic, they could not believe their eyes. He did not look very much like a dog. The dog was too red, too raw. The employees who saw him knew that they had to help. It was heartbreaking just to look at him. The vaccination clinic is funded by Concerned Citizens For Animal Welfare.

Sara happened to be one of these concerned citizens. When she first laid eyes on the dog, her reaction was similar to the other employees. She knew that she had to help him in any way possible. Dobby was five years old at the time and this was the first time that he had ever been inside of a vet’s office. His condition was horrifying.

In addition to his exposed skin, he was also incredibly malnourished. The former owner’s improper flea treatments were at least partially to blame for the issues. She did not want to spend the proper amount of money to get him the treatment he needed. The rescuers begged the woman to surrender Dobby, so that he could receive the help that he clearly needed.

Fortunately, she agreed immediately, without putting up any sort of fight. Dobby was in a great deal of pain and would need help right away if he was going to survive over the long haul. The rescuers got to work immediately. He was given the baths he needed and they prepared him for the upcoming blood work. Despite all of these difficulties, Dobby remained kind and sweet.

He was not the type of dog to lash out. The rescuers say that they could tell he was happy now. Dobby knew in his heart that he was being rescued and so he had no more reason to fear. He sensed that he was in the right location. Pawsibilities Rescue took him in once the initial process was over. From there, a Facebook post was made to spread the word.

Liz Ford and her family came across the post. They instantly knew that the dog was destined to be their new friend. Dobby now looks like a whole new dog, thanks to the effort that his rescuers put in. The transformation is amazing and we are glad that Dobby finally got his well deserved second chance. Hopefully, he is able to live out the rest of his life with his new forever family. He is one lucky fellow!

h/t: TheDodo

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