14 Pictures That Prove Cats Have A Built-In Alarm System

Those of us who own cats have probably been woken up by them at the most inopportune times. It almost seems as if they have their very own alarm systems, don’t they? The following pictures go a long way towards proving this theory correct. Take a closer look at the photos and be sure to pass them along to the cat owners in your life. They are definitely going to relate!

Sometimes it feels like somebody’s watching me! Sorry, but we had to.

These are the sorts of love taps that cat owners should be getting themselves used to.

The most gutsy cats out there will simply plop their entire bodies down and look at you like you are the crazy one.

There are even cats who feel it necessary to create their very own human nests.

Some cats will watch us in a way that seems almost creepy…but we know that they mean well.

If you or a loved one has ever had a cat loom over you like this, it is a difficult feeling to put into words. Thanks, old friend?

Even when cats are behaving in a creepy or weird manner, it is important to remember that they are only trying to show you how much they care.

This cat probably views this as a sign of affection but we are willing to bet that the human in this photo probably feels a bit differently.

When cats decide that it is breakfast time, there is no two ways about it. You had better get your lazy buns up.

Just think about it this way. If you were the one that had to rely on humans in order to stay fed, you would probably react this way, too.

Thinking about sleeping through that cat attack first thing in the morning? This fellow is not about to allow that for a second.

This poor man might not even get the chance to feed his cat, since the creature is attempting to pull his eyeballs out of the sockets.

Getting choked out by a cat seems funny but we are sure that it is somewhat frightening in the moment.

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