Rescuers Find Neglected Dog With Shoelace Wrapped Around His Neck

Pets are some of our closest companions and they do so much for us, while asking for very little in return. We believe that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their pets. While our dogs can get out of hand sometimes, they are also very loyal. They rely on us to assist them and to help them when they are unable to help themselves. They would do the same for us!

The dog in this story did not receive the necessary love and care from his past owners. He’s had a difficult past and is looking for someone to love him. Fortunately, some great new people have come into his life. He now has a home with people who love him. They are going to have his best interests at heart. Gus has been through a lot during the course of his short life.

However, those who spend time with him would never know how bad he has had it. He remains friendly and fun to be around. There are some dogs who need time to recover from the difficulties that they have experienced in the past. Not Gus, though! He’s as energetic as they come. He is also a major sports fan. Our pal loves to watch the game while he is curled up with his new, loving family.

When he was first found, he was riddled with injuries. His past owners had abused him and treated him terribly. Gus’ story spread and everyone wanted to help him. He was difficult to track down at first. Laura Jean is the dog rescuer who was finally able to track him down. She had to take pictures of him and post them on Facebook, since he was not willing to come with her right away.

Houston K9-911 Rescue was enlisted. They saw the post and wanted to help Gus out. Marina Harrison is the vet tech who helped to nurse the pup back to health. She got a major kick out of his actions. The dog loved to wear his Cowboys jersey and could not go without attention. He is a ham by nature. Now, he finally has the chance to strut his stuff in a more loving environment.

Would you like to learn more about this dog’s struggles? Curious to see where he ended up? If so, please be sure to check out the video below. If you are anything like us, you will want to check out the adventures of Gus more than once. He is a special dog. We are glad that he is finally receiving the treatment that he has always deserved.

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