Wild Squirrel Comes Back Every Day To Visit The Man Who Saved Her As A Baby

Tyler Gregory resides in Kansas. This young man may encounter wildlife on a regular basis but one recent event made him realize how important humans can be when they are in need of help.

He saw a tiny squirrel on his property. From there, he knew that he had to do whatever it took to save the animal’s life. The poor little lady had been caught in a storm. The winds had taken him away from her mother.

Tyler knew that he had to help her. Otherwise, she was not going to make it through the night. The squirrel was taken in the house, so that she could get warm.

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He was not hopeful for her survival but he was going to do everything in his power to make sure she was okay. The squirrel was too small to even open her eyes. Tyler began to feed her with a bottle.

Even his girlfriend decided that she was going to help. The two began to act like parents, setting their alarm and waking up every three hours to feed their new ‘child’.

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Jack and Annie are going to join the rodeo!

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She was even given a new name: Annie. Fortunately, the two have flexible schedules that made it easy for them to handle their newfound parenting duties. Tyler makes music and his girlfriend makes art.

They gave Annie a small cage to spend her first few weeks in. A heating pad was also provided to the little lady. In time, she began to grow. As the squirrel grew, Tyler and his girlfriend swapped her crate out for a larger one.

Once her eyes started to open, Tyler knew that she would want to head outside to explore. The squirrel father was more than happy to take her outside.

As Annie’s health improved, she started to behave in the manner that you would expect from a squirrel. She loved to spend time outdoors and became more and more active as time went on.

No matter how far she would roam, she always came back to her father. Tyler loved to give her lots of belly rubs. Annie’s also a big fan of neck scratches.

At long last, the family realized that they needed to let her go. They began to leave the cage open, so that Annie could decide to head out on her own time.

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She came to say hello again today!

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Annie finally ran into the surrounding woods and while it was tough for Tyler and his girlfriend, they knew it was best. Annie is now happy and healthy and she has her adoptive father to thank for that!

h/t: TheDodo

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