Pizzeria Adds Lost Pet Flyers To 500 Pizza Boxes And Now More Shops Are Doing It

When Lara May lost her beloved tabby cat during a bad thunderstorm, she immediately took to Facebook in hopes that someone could help reunite her with the kitty that ran away.

It worked, as her Facebook post came to the attention of John Sanfratello who happens to be the owner of Angelo’s Pizza, located in Matawan, New Jersey. Lara’s cat, Hazel, reminded John so much of his own cat who’d gone missing before, so he wanted to figure out a way to help Lara get Hazel back.

At the time, John was working in his pizzeria, so while he was looking at the hundreds of pizza boxes stacked floor to ceiling, he got a genius idea.

John reached out to Lara and told her that he wanted to put flyers of her missing cat on every pizza box that was picked up or delivered to a customer.

Lara was overwhelmed by the ingenious and very kind gesture. On the bright side, little Hazel managed to get back home before the pizza box idea needed to be put into play.

However, the idea had stuck with John. He wanted to turn the pizza box idea into a long-term mission to help reunite other owners with their lost pets. John posted about his idea on Facebook, quickly drawing viral attention as the post received thousands of shares and comments. He was surprised that something so simple was gaining loads of attention, but it turns out that it’s just a testament of  how much people love and care for their pets.

The pizzeria has been a town fixture for the last 45 years. But now, it is going to be incorporating something entirely new into its business model – a lifesaver for lost pets. And it’s catching on, as other pizzerias are feeling inspired to do it too.

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