City Letting Residents Pay off Parking Tickets by Donating Cat Food to Local Shelter

Nothing ruins a treat-yourself trip to the mall or a quick errand run, quite like coming back to your car to realize there’s a parking ticket. They’re quite the pricey pains in the hole – especially if you end up collecting them. But if you’re a resident of Muncie, Indiana, there’s a way that you could get out of paying a parking ticket – or tickets – while also doing something nice for others.

Both the Muncie Police Department and Muncie Animal Care and Services have announced a new partnership between the two institutions via a Facebook post on Monday – a partnership which has the goal of helping the shelter, which is currently where over 350 cats and kittens in dire need of supplies are calling home.

The police department is allowing all residents to pay off their parking ticket debts by donating cat supplies – like litter and food – to the shelter. No cash required. Unfortunately, it’s for this week only.

The post explained, “MACS has partnered with the Muncie Police Department with a wonderful program that allows people who have parking tickets to pay their tickets with cat/kitten food, litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, blankets, etc. in lieu of paying with money.”

It added, “We’re in dire need of supplies for the large volume of cats/kittens being cared for here at MACS, and they keep pouring in our doors,” the post continued. “We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from the community, and this is such a wonderful opportunity to help your local shelter.”

The program, which is only running for the span of one week, means that interested residents with parking tickets to pay can bring their donation items to MACS or the police station by Friday at 4 pm, local time. The dollar amount of the donations have to equal the total amount of the parking ticket.

Jami Brown of the Muncie Police Department said in a video that included in the Facebook post, “Being here is just an overwhelming need, you can see it immediately for the animals. They need paper towels, litter, and food. The need is there.”

Hopefully, more charity drives like these will catch on and become a trend for longer because they seem to be doing a lot of good for those in need. So if you’re a bad driver in the Muncie, Indiana area what are you waiting for? Go help some kitties in need!

Pay your parking tickets in cat food! The Muncie Animal Care & Services needs your help!

Posted by Muncie Police Department on Monday, July 15, 2019

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