Pregnant Mom’s Puzzled When Dog Won’t Stop Barking, Doesn’t Realize He’s Trying To Save Her

Dogs have an innate ability to sense when humans are in danger and their ability to act quickly makes them a valuable companion. They are able to smell their human companions and tell when they are in distress. That is because their powerful sniffers are actually able to detect harmful scents that are coming from inside of the body. Dogs are even able to smell cancer!

There is simply no limit to what these animals can do for us. The dog in this owner was willing to go above and beyond for their owner and we are hopelessly smitten. The dog was following her owner around in a very obsessive manner but she was not seeking attention. She was looking to help her owner deal with a major health problem that she was unable to notice.

Keola is well taken care of by her parents and while Ricky and Alhanna have provided a great life for her, she is more than happy to return the favor for them. When Alhanna let Keola know that she was pregnant, the dog was happy to hear the news but she could not shake the feeling that something was wrong with her master. She knew that Alhanna needed help.

As the pregnancy progressed, Alhanna started to notice that she was experiencing pain in her lower back. The doctor that she visited told her that these pains were considered to be a normal aspect of pregnancy. This may have been enough to convince Alhanna but Keola was not about to fall for it. Eventually, Alhanna realized that Keola had a point.

The warning signs were simply too much to ignore and Alhanna knew it was time to seek a second opinion. When she went to the hospital, she was placed in the intensive care unit immediately. If she had not come in when she had, the doctors who examined her that day say that she probably would have passed away. The pains were actually being caused by a double kidney infection.

Since it had gone untreated for a significant length of time, the infection had become very serious. If not for Keola’s persistence, we shudder to think about what might have taken place. The infection was treated and the pregnancy was completed in a state of good health. A healthy baby boy was born soon after. His name is Lincoln and the two have already become close friends!

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