Dog Dumped Outside Shelter In Trash Bag Waited All Night For Someone To Find Her

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption is located in Kansas and they were preparing for yet another busy day when they came across one of the saddest sights that they had ever seen. There was an abandoned boxer who was laying outside in a pile of garbage. The animal had been left there to die and has become extremely emaciated. Staffers began to cry as soon as they saw her.

The boxer had become so weak that she could not even lift her head. Her prognosis was certainly grim and it would take a great deal of help to save her. To make matters worse, they found another abandoned boxer in the same area. This dog had been tied to a pole and his legs were very weak as a result of this treatment. Both of the dogs were taken to the local animal hospital as quickly as possible.

The dogs were also given new names at this time. The male dog was renamed Triumph and the female dog would now be called Hope. The animals were in a difficult predicament and the shelter workers would need to act quickly in order to save their lives. Triumph was experiencing severe atrophy and Hope had an elbow infection (in addition to brain masses).

The shelter was unable to find out who had dumped these dogs on their doorstep in this condition but they were going to make sure that they were well taken care of going forward. The focus shifted from finding the perpetrators to assisting the dogs with their recovery. Hope has surgery to remove her elbow infection and Triumph has since been placed in a foster home.

These dogs have been through more misery than the average animal but they are not allowing their situation to lessen their resolve. Their willingness to push through these difficulties is truly special. They are going to need a lot of tender, loving care in the months to come but one thing is for sure: these dogs have a lot of fight in them.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption is accepting donations from those who would like to contribute to the ongoing care of these animals. Be sure to visit their website if you would like to find out more about how you can adopt these dogs once their recovery is complete. Pass this story along to your friends and loved ones!

Triumph Tavis update

We wanted to give an update on Triumph, the dog found tied to a pole at our rescue last week.He is on medicine and will be working to build up the muscles in his back and legs, as you can see it's not easy for him to get around. The plan is physical therapy with water therapy. He is such a sweet dog and is working on recovery in his foster home.Continued positive thoughts and prayers needed for Triumph. We will be giving an update on Hope very soon. These 2 babies are so special and we love them so much!

Posted by Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption on Monday, July 30, 2018

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