Woman Having Panic Attack Captures Moment Service Dog Springs Into Action

Service dogs serve a number of important functions. They assist those who are having seizures and they are also able to soothe special needs children. Oakley is a different type of service dog, though. His owner is named Amber and she is regularly stricken with panic attacks. Oakley is able to notice changes to her breathing patterns. He also senses alterations in her body temperature.

This lets him know when she is on the verge of a breakdown so that he can intervene. Oakley picked up on the usual warning signs right away when they were on a recent trip together. Amber was not even facing in Oakley’s direction while they were in the airport waiting for a flight and he still knew that she needed him. These are the instincts that a service dog can cultivate.

Amber was struggling that day but Oakley remained by her side. She has a habit of putting her face in her hands. Oakley is trained to keep her from becoming too worked up. He helps her to find something else to do with her hands. He also licks and nuzzles his owner to make sure that she knows he is there for her. Instead of putting her face in her hands, she gives him lots of pats on the head.

The gratitude that she shows Oakley is too cute to put into words. While there are some who find themselves skeptical about service dogs and the assistance that they can provide, Oakley is living proof of their importance. Even when Amber tries to put her face back into her hands after the initial wave of panic has passed, Oakley is still there to assist her.

If Oakley could speak, he would probably say something like “not on my watch, Amber!” and we love him for that. We are also grateful to Amber for sharing this video so that the rest of the world could see just how wonderful her service dog is. A calming presence like his comes in handy in a number of different situations.

You will definitely enjoy watching him work his magic and we urge you to check out the video below. His response to Amber’s panic attack is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. If you agree with this assessment (and why wouldn’t you?), please be sure to pass it along to all of your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

Today I was asked “is that a real service dog?” I responded “Yes and a real good one too.” . Oakley alerted and acted 3 times at the airport today. I caught the last ones on video because I could feel them coming. One of the many tasks Oakley performs is alerting to anxiety/panic attacks and de-escalating them. He has been taught to break my hands apart and away from my face and is supposed to encourage me to put my hands and even face on him – which calms me down. I think he did an excellent job! . There is so much to say on this matter, but I will just leave this video here for you to see for yourself. Sharing this video and these things make me vulnerable, but I’m sharing them with you so you can see how this dog has changed my life. This video was much longer but was edited down for viewing purposes. . #oakleythebrd #oaktheplacesyoullgo #servicedog #servicedogs #servicedogsofinstagram #servicedogsofig #servicedoglife #anxietyattack #panicattack #servicedogtrainer #servicedogtraining #dogtrainer #dogtraining #dogtrainersofig #pawsitivedevelopment #positivereinforcement #positivereinforcementtraining #petsbehavingwell #clickertraining #psychiatricservicedog #ptsdservicedog #servicedoggear #servicedogtraining #servicedogtrainer #weeklyfluff #dogsofinstagram #instagram

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