Proud Mother Dog Watches Over Her Premature Pups While They Are Kept In An Incubator

When babies are born, it is the responsibility of the mother to make sure that they are kept safe at all times. This responsibility is only heightened when the mother has experienced a premature birth. The mother dog in this story is a prime example of this. Two of her puppies were weakened after their premature birth and would need some extra care in order to survive.

Kuma is not happy to see her babies being placed inside of an incubator but she understands the necessity of the process. She simply wants to make sure that her babies are okay. The loving look on her face as she watches the babies is truly a sight to behold. We cannot get enough of this clip. Sour Pork is the father and he cannot be seen in this clip.

Rest assured, he was watching the whole process. He cannot be seen in this footage but is resting calmly on the floor. All he can do is offer as much support as possible to the worried mama. This is a role that is definitely familiar to all of the dads out there. Kuma had three puppies with her that day and we are happy to report that they were all able to go home with their mother and father.

They have their own forever home with a human who is proud to be their caretaker. She says that the dogs are cute and that she loves having them around. Who wouldn’t? Kuma is behaving much like a nurse, according to her human mother. She says that the dog does not let any time pass without checking on them to make sure that they are okay.

This is the sort of maternal instinct that we love to see. While every new parent wishes that their little ones would be born without complications, we are not all so lucky. Kuma decided to make lemonade when life handed her lemons, though. Sometimes, premature babies need a little bit of extra help. Fortunately, Kuma and Sour Pork were able to provide it.

We are glad to see that all of the puppies are doing so well. From the looks of it, they are as healthy as can be and enjoying life at home. If you would like to learn more about Kuma, Sour Pork and the whole gang, please be sure to check out the clip below. This is one of the most adorable families we have ever seen.

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