Dog Gets Lost In The Woods For A Few Days, Then The Neighbor Checked His Trail Camera

Koda the husky managed to get away from her mother’s grasp this past December and Rachel was struggling to find her. She had spent a lot of time looking for the dog, but to no avail. Of course, the dog simply came back home a few days later. The pooch acted like this was a normal thing to do and seemed no worse for the wear. Rachel says that she was not stunned.

The dog is very intelligent. The fact that Koda was able to make it back home without her help did not shock Rachel in the slightest. Eventually, she decided to check with her neighbor. They had a trail camera and she wanted to see if any of the footage contained a glimpse of Koda. Wouldn’t you know it, Koda’s jaunt into the woods had been caught live on candid camera.

As it turns out, Koda was not alone during her adventure. She’d made quite the new friend for herself. She was napping and eating with a male deer. The two spent the entirety of the evening together. The deer did not seem too bothered by the fact that a dog had come to spend some time with him. Near as Rachel could tell, the two had spent at least 12 hours with each other.

Another photo shows that she met two other bucks along the way. Wild deer have been known to befriend lost pets before, though. Cats have found themselves being protected by deer and so have lost cows. Rachel knows that Koda should not be running around like this but that has not stopped her from laughing at the footage of her dog with her new best buddies.

She expects that the dog will probably take off again at some point. After all, she and her new friends are going to want to have a reunion. Huskies are known for their love of exploration and Koda is not any different. Their owners simply have to get used to the fact that they are going to find friends in all sorts of unexpected places.

If this story made you laugh as hard as we did, be sure to pass it along to the dog owners in your life. Those who have pups that like to get out and explore are most certainly going to relate to this one. We are just glad that Koda was able to make it back home safely!

Source: Dodo

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