If Your Car Is Ever Submerged Underwater, Here’s The Easy Way To Escape In Seconds

If your vehicle were to suddenly plunge into an area of deep water, the thought of panicking would probably be first and foremost in your mind. If it was submerged after the crash, however, how would you react?

Even though we should never have to make use of the skill of getting out of this situation, it’s important to know how to do so. That is where Geoff Fahringer comes in. He is an expert diver and he shows us how getting out of this type of situation is more difficult (and easier) than many people realize.

Understanding how to do so can save your life. If your car is already in the water and submerging, you are likely panicking and this can cost you your life. Rescuers may not have enough time to reach you so saving yourself is imperative.

If you are in deep water, the car will be submerged in a matter of moments. Don’t spend precious time trying to call the first responders for assistance.

Geoff goes over the steps necessary to get out of this type of situation in under a minute. You can see that information in the video below. Essentially, you need to unbuckle your seatbelt, put down the window and climb out. Dialing 911 is not an option unless you are already out of the car and in a safe location.

Geoff not only explains how to do it, but he also demonstrates how to do it. He also provides additional information, just in case you have children or infants in the vehicle.

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