Puppy Comforts Senior Golden Retriever Having A Nightmare

Watching dogs sleep can be a lot of fun. They dream so vividly, don’t they? It is easy to love dogs but once you have seen one chasing cars in their sleep, it will be hard to avoid the urge to give them a big old hug. The Golden Retriever in this story does not seem to be dreaming, though. From the looks of it, this poor dog is in the throes of a bad nightmare.

However, the Golden Retriever is not going to have to suffer alone. The older dog has a younger pal who is ready to help them through this awful ordeal. After all, that is what friends are for, right? Nightmares are an unsettling experience. It can be hard to shake the experience. Luckily, this dog has a great friend to help him through all of these bad dreams.

These two are always going to enjoy each other’s company during nap times. Once you see the big dog start to let out those telltale whining noises, you can tell that he is disturbed by the dream that he is having. This is something that all dog owners are well aware of. The puppy is so adorable at first. He does not how to help but he wants to so badly!

After a while, the smaller dog realizes that his old pal just needs a little bit of comforting. This is a display of love that will have you reaching for the Kleenex. We could barely make it through this clip without bawling like babies. These dogs may not have known each other for too long but this puppy can read his new friend like a book.

We are a little jealous, to be quite honest. Who wouldn’t like to have a cute puppy to give you cuddles after a bad dream? Or just cuddles in general? We are urging all of our readers to share this touching story with their closest friends and loved ones. All of the dog owners out there who have watched their pooches have bad dreams can certainly relate.

In the meantime, we hope that this old fellow stops having so many nightmares. We take solace in the fact that he will have a good friend by his side to help him as soon as the scary nightmares start to take place again. Share the love, everyone!

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